Junk Removal Companies in Austin Texas

There are dozens of permitted junk removal companies in Austin Texas, and hundreds of non-legal junk removal providers serving the area as well.

VIP Dumpster Rental is NOT a junk hauling company. So if you want someone to come to your location and pick up an item like a bed matress and haul it off, then we are not the right fit for you. If you want someone to do the labor of loading the debris for you, then we may not be who you are looking for. Yes, we do have clients who will hire us for a dumpster, and coordinate the labor themselves, and that works very well.

In this post I will not debate the differences in Junk Removal versus Dumpster Rental as I have done in previous articles. If you are trying to decide on which option is right for you, then be sure to read that article, it is a great read.

When it comes to junk hauling in Austin, there are a couple things to consider.

Is it Austin demolition debris that you need to have removed?

If you hired a contractor, they may make the arrangements for a dumpster on your behalf. Legally the contractor cannot haul it away themselves unless they have a City of Austin Private Waste Hauler Permit. Most Austin demolition trash is put in a dumpster. Some Austin construction debris removal is done by companies like Dirty Works who will put the trash in a trailer and remove it for you.

Next, is it really trash that you need to have removed would someone pay for the items?

If the items you need to have removed are good looking couches, or clothes you may be able to get rid of it at no cost to you. Here is how:

Goodwill Austin Texas

Load up the things you want to give away and take it to your nearest Austin Goodwill location. They will accept many items. All electronics and TVs must work, and not be broken. Goodwill attempts to sell the items you donate to them and they employ some individuals who have trouble finding employment. Goodwill does not come without hassles. They will not accept everything you take to them.

Goodwill does operate large roll-off dumpsters and have their own refuse truck. As you can imagine a lot of stuff they accept does not sell, or they cannot put on the shelves so they load it into a dumpster at their store and take it to the Austin landfill. Google Goodwill Austin map for the the locations near you.

Salvation Army Austin Texas

The Austin Salvation Army operates trucks that you can arrange to come to your location and they will pick-up specified items and put them to use with less fortunate people. Be warned, if you have things like a couch that has a small stain, they may not take it. They are choosy and for good reason. They are not looking to be a pawn for your junk. They only want things that can be reused.

So if you have junk that is not accepted by either Goodwill of Austin or Salvation Army, then you move on to the next phase here. That step is to call a local junk removal company to get you stuff. Here are a few of the popular hauling services. For scheduling Salvation Army call 1-800-SA-TRUCK.

If it really is junk that you need to have hauled, then you will be researching one of these Austin TX companies:

Junk Busters Austin

The team over at Junk Busters Austin has done well at offering consistent service and managing their customer’s expectations. I say that because the reviews people in Austin Texas post about Junk Busters is overwhelmingly positive.

One thing I like about Junk Busters is that they are Austin owned and 100-percent independent from national franchise organizations. Their prices are based on how much room your stuff takes up in their truck.

One caveat to junk removal is to know the cubic yard size of their trailer. Why? Because it the trailer at Company A is smaller than the Trailer at Company B, you may be paying more for less stuff removed. The Junk Buster’s trailer is supposed to be 18-cubic yards which is bigger than the trailer size on some national chain companies. Give Junk Busters a call at 512-249-5500 to learn more.

Humpback Junk Removal Austin

Humpback Junk Removal of Austin Texas is a subsidiary of Blue Whale Moving company in Austin. The company is an Austin original. Their junk hauling reviews are a few notches down from other companies. Be cautious and read the reviews before hiring Humpback so you can know what to watch out for and avoid mistakes. The company has an A rating with the Better Business Burea and is relatively complaint free. Call Humpback Junk at 512-637-7779.

1-800-GOT-JUNK of Austin TX

The largest junk removal company in America is 1-800-GOT-JUNK and they have a few franchises in Austin. The company itself is an interesting success story. Personally, I recommend people support local entrepreneurial companies. However, if you have a national property management company and need a rental house cleaned out after an eviction, then a national junk removal company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK is easier to work with than finding a local company in each town across the country. Be sure to check out their reviews on Yelp before you hire them to make sure you are okay with the risks and benefits of using a franchise.

College Hunks Hauling Junk in Austin

This is a national franchise organization with a catchy name “College Hunks Hauling Junk” who has franchisees in Austin. They also have a break-out company called “College Hunks Moving” service. Oddly enough, I see their moving company at the Austin landfill more often than I see their junk removal truck. I am a little confused by this company. For the past year, they kept one of their trucks permanently parked in a Planet Fitness parking lot by the Y at Oak Hill. The intersection is very busy, so I think they were using it for advertising, but on the other hand I wonder how they could afford to not have the truck in operation earning money. Anyway, they recently removed the truck from that location, and I suppose they are now using it to service customers. They have a national call center who answers the phones to book appointments. You can reach them at 1-888-689-5999.

Here are the names of some other Junk Removal companies in Austin:

  • Junk Guys Austin   512-222-4400

  • Junk King Austin  512-994-2250

  • Gorilla Junk Removal   512-897-1849

  • Big Time Trash Hauling   512-809-1335

  • Rubbish Inc   512-298-5445

  • iHaul Austin   512-942-2465

  • Cohesion Hauling   512-731-5361

  • We Heart Junk   512-466-4395

  • Austin Cleanup & Container   512-673-8184

  • E-Cyclers Junk Removal   512-842-7711

  • Dirty Work Services   512-328-3698

  • Haul Guys Austin   512-674-0000

* Are we missing a Austin area junk removal company from the list? Contact us today and let us know so we can check them out and add their name to our list.

Which company do I recommend?

There is no one-size-fits-all junk hauling service. If you are not local, then a national chain may be better than hiring an Austin hauler. I do recommend that you ask and verify that the company has a City of Austin Private Waste Hauler Permit so that you do not get fined by the city for hiring an illegal hauler. Check out their reviews online and see who matches up best with your values.

Of course, I think that dumpster rental is the best way to go, but it isn’t right for everyone. Feel free to contact our team at VIP Dumpster if you want to learn more about having your stuff removed.