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Why?  VIP Dumpster Rental Austin runs the opposite direction of the competitor crowd.  VIP protects your reputation with clean refuse containers, provides quick reliable service, and efficiency by squeezing into tight sloped spaces where others cannot deliver.

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Do you want simple, quick, and easy Austin dumpster service?

Choosing a trash removal company isn’t easy. Why? It is Because you are overwhelmed with confusing claims, bad information, inefficient roll-off equipment, and unqualified refuse truck operators. How can you finally find a competent, qualified dumpster service? You start by reading the Secret Guide to Rolloff Dumpster Rental. With these details you can make an intelligent, informed decision.

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  • 3 Costly Misconceptions About Dumpster Rental
  • List of 90+ Permitted Waste Haulers in Austin TX
  • What to Expect from the Best Waste Management Pros
  • 4 Factors of Bin Rental Pricing
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How the simple Austin dumpster rental process works:

  1. Choose from big and small sizes: 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40-cubic yards roll-off service.  Pick from bin service cost packages: Cheap, Professional, or Express.
  2. VIP safely delivers in tight-sloped spaces where others cannot.  You tell VIP where you want the waste roll-off container to be placed to maximize your efficiency.  VIP delivers your clean rubbish removal bin on-time with a full driveway protection solution.
  3. Your team fills up the box using our easy walk-in loading system instead of lifting construction trash, demolition debris, or clean-out junk 4ft – 8ft over the roll off’s wall. Call VIP for fast hauling or permanent removal of your garbage roll-off.  VIP will clean sweep up the areas so it is like we were never even there.

You too can enjoy increased flexibility and reduced overhead with quick efficient service from VIP Dumpster Rental. With a partner like VIP, you can achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before!

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Ratings and Reviews for VIP Dumpster Rental Austin TX

Potential new clients often ask, “Is VIP’s dumpster services any good?” No!  They are EXCELLENT, but don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients are saying about their experiences with VIP (and what they use our well maintained dumpsters for).

“VIP is refreshingly different than what I’m used to with other trash hauling companies!”

— Santiago Fisher, Contractor

“VIP answered the phone and delivered a roll off before other “same day” companies even returned my call!”

— Leah Barnes, Homeowner

“VIP is now my go to source for painting project bin rentals. They’re fast and easy.”

— Daniel Washington, Painter

Dumpster Rental for Construction Trash and Demolition


I’ve been an Austin based remodeler for 12 year. I am careful when choosing vendors because they can make or break the budget on a six or seven figure remodeling construction project. One factor I use in picking partners is if I can get ahold of the owner anytime. With VIP Dumpster Rentals Austin I have been able to call or text Ken at 11PM on a Sunday night, and he answers the phone or replies in minutes. I’ve had some unusual requests that previous companies who provided me with a dumpster rental for construction debris could never get right, but Ken makes it happen with perfection. VIP is also able to get the cans into the tightest places, I bet you cannot find a spot where they are unable to deliver the bin. I also highly like how the company donates a portion of all income to charity. They are good people and involved in the community.

— David Orduna, Builder and Remodeler

Austin Waste Disposal


I just went through a very long, messy divorce and needed to do some soul cleansing since I lost the house to my X. I called the national waste solutions companies serving Austin (Waste Management, Allied Waste, Progressive Waste / IESI on FM 812 Austin) and they made it so frustrating to get a box that was about to give up until I found VIP, a fully insured Austin owned company. My call was answered within the first 2 rings, and Karen was extremely helpful with dumpster sizes selection, and even affordable customized the pricing package to my needs. I highly recommend adding VIP to your phone book for Austin waste disposal. Besides the superb customer service, I really liked how I could open the bin doors to carry in large items easily.

— Jamie Bush, Homeowner

Bin for Roofing Shingles Hauling


I began using a roofing dumpster for my roofing business after becoming fed up with using a trailer to haul shingles to the dump. I was constantly fixing flat tires. More importantly, it was a big resource drain in terms of sending two or three of my workers to haul the trailer to the landfill and empty it each day. It would leave me with half the roofing crew working, and the other half gone. They guys would come back FOUR HOURS later, missing half the workday and smelling like Mexican food. While it seemed cheaper to haul rubbish internally with a pickup and hauler trailer, it is much more efficient to use a Austin dumpster rental. A bin allows my guys to work on the roof all day and results in us finishing more jobs, faster which means more revenue and more profits.

Ken and the VIP team have been a nice addition to our roofing company’s vendor family. They are easy to schedule service, and keep our job sites safe and clean. They go to a high level to ensure our needs are met. We have used VIP Dumpster Rental Austin for roofing shingles on large residential asphalt re-roofs in Bee Cave and in commercial strip mall foam roof replacements in Georgetown TX. Our crews start early and work late, and VIP is there before and after to take care of us and make us look good. I highly recommend VIP.

— Mohamed Hasheem, Roofer

Container for Moving Homes


My grandfather died last month and we just moved my grandmother into an assisted living facility in Round Rock Texas. My family was doing cleanup projects for  their house over the 4th of July holiday weekend. We had all flown into Austin from various cities across the country. We decided we needed a roll off container delivered since we would be back home next week. I called Mary and explained the situation. She was easy to work with and had Paul deliver a dumpster today within 2-hours of my initial call. Paul was able to nest the can right under a low hanging tree on the sloped driveway. The garbage bin was clean and exactly what we wanted. My family would have been out of luck if it wasn’t for the team at VIP.

— Pamela Jackson, Mover

Austin Trash Container Rental


I was needing a trash container rental as a prop for ABCs new TV show The Catch because were filming in Austin Texas. Our schedules, and trying to coordinate during one of the big music festivals created ever changing needs.  VIP was able to keep everything on schedule and moving the trash can rentals locally from our prop renovation and design area to the filming locations with ease. VIP delivered the awesome service and has the nicest staff. I highly recommend them. Be sure to watch the Premier of The Catch on ABC to see their blue dumpster on TV.

— Lavonne Davis, Filmmaker

Small Dumpster for Concrete Removal and Recycling


I’ve had a hard time finding a reliable garbage pros to provide a dumpster rental for concrete and dirt removal. The last company we used closed their doors without telling us. The company before that dumped all of our debris back onto our client’s property in Kyle Texas and took their  residential dumpsters. I could not believe anyone would do this to a good paying customer like us. We deal with a lot of concrete removal for pool repairs and excavation. We found VIP Dumpster Rental Austin when they were delivering a waste collection can across the street from one of our projects. The driver was so friendly and encouraged me to call the office. I can’t say enough good things about their staff. We are on our 4th project with VIP and they have been very dependable. Such a stress reduction. I like how they keep their bins so clean, it always looks good on our job sites, and the neighbors notice. I almost forgot to mention that VIP recycles 90-100% of the concrete, tile, stone, brick, and dirt from our projects.

— Jean Armstrong, Concrete and Excavation Pro

Austin Trash Removal


My husband lost his job during the middle of our trash removal dumpster rental period. I am a stay at home mother of four and this completely turned our lives upside down. We live paycheck-to-paycheck as it is, so we were just heartbroken and scared. Renting a dumpster was a big expense for us, but we had to get 10 cubic yards of garbage removed. If we had chosen a different company who has hidden fees, we would be in even deeper financial trouble.

When I called Mary to explain the situation, she listen, cared, and was sympathetic. I can’t imagine how this conversation would have been with the other Austin trash removal companies who were rude and wanted to charge me ridiculous fees just to deliver the box outside of Austin city limits to Cedar Park TX. Karen was personable and kind even when working through a difficult situation with me. Rating VIP 5-stars hardly gives them credit for the positive experience I had. VIP was drama free and didn’t have additional fees.

— Anna Price, Homeowner

Dumpster for Estate Sale Clean Out


We have been using VIP Dumpster for our estate sale business over the past few years. Most homes have a lot of items that cannot be sold. Unless the family takes them, the items end up in the dumpster after Salvation Army and other organizations refuse them. This past weekend we got a dumpster for estate sale clean out purposes. They were on time as is normal, and the perfect size for all of the junk we needed removed. Their boxes are such at time saver for us. VIP’s price quote was fair and the customer service is phenomenal for our clean outs!

— Grace Farrell, Estate Sale Pro

Landscape Yard Waste Removal and Recycling


Last minute on Saturday I found out that I needed dumpster rentals for landscape waste in Lakeway TX. My landscape company was doing a $50,000 project for a client and we needed to get the yard waste removed ASAP. I didn’t expect a call back since it was after the hours that most rubbish removal companies are open. I got a call back from Ken in minutes and he was ready to help despite my awkward schedule. He personally delivered the portable debris dumpster to the job site because everyone else at the company was done for the day. It was unreal how he maneuvered the hook lift truck into the back yard while avoiding the obstacles and protecting the trees. It is nice that they recycled my landscape yard waste material. Quality and professionalism are a must for me because the containers sit on my client’s property. The box I rent reflects on my reputation. VIP exceeds all expectations.

— Mitchell Buchanan, Landscaper

Container for Metal Recycling


I have been using VIP Dumpster Rentals for metal recycling at my HVAC company in Austin. We have a lot of metal scraps from our line of work. They have been very accommodating and respectful, something that my  previous hauling company lacked. The rates are fair and they make working with them very easy. I have enough headaches in my business, I don’t need a problem with disposing of unwanted materials. I look forward to continuing our partnership.

— Robert Gibbons, HVAC Service Pro

Roll Off Rental for Tree Removal and Recycling


I own a tree trimming company and we had a project in central Austin where four condos were located on one plot of land. The trees were very overgrown and unkept. We had to remove three large dead trees. I needed to request waste dumpster service for tree removal because this was a bigger job than we could handle with our own equipment. Mary suggested a 20-yard dumpster with rear barn doors for easy loading. The rear doors on the 20 cubic yarder were ideal for our needs. I scheduled drop offs and the box arrived when promised. The driver took great care of the grounds to avoid damage. The bin was clean and in very presentable condition. Pricing was fair and reasonable. When we finished, they removed the roll off on time, and left the job site clean. They took the wood to have it recycled into mulch.

— Franklin Gamble, Tree Service Pro

Junk Removal Austin Texas


My renters were evicted and I had an emergency junk removal situation in the Austin area. I was driving up from Houston TX. I found VIP on my phone while I was driving. I know I shouldn’t have been driving and Googling! I called Karen and she was very professional. She had the 30 cubic yard roll off box delivered to the income property before I arrived in Leander. The driver Paul taught me how to best use and maximize the space in the bin. VIP was a pleasant relief from the other junk removal companies I have used as a property management landlord. The other guys were disorganized, shady, and unprofessional. When you need results, VIP is who you need.

— Jose Bryant, Property Manager

Bin for Warehouse Waste Managemenet


I am the operations manager for a printing company Austin, TX. We have a 20,000 square foot warehouse on a monthly basis we accumulate extraordinary amounts of packaging, shipping supplies, and miscellaneous items that need to go in a garbage removal can. We have been very disappointed with the sloppy service from one of those big name franchises, and decided to try VIP. Mary has been helping me with everything and she exceeds my expectations in every way. Her driver arrives on time and is very professional, even giving us instructions on how to best use the commercial dumpster.

— Patrick Kellerman, Warehouse Operations Manager

If after reading all of those raving reviews you are not convinced that VIP’s service is for you, then you NEVER will be convinced. VIP may just not be the right fit for you. On the other hand, if you think we may be right for you, why not give us a try and let us prove ourselves to you? VIP will treat you right.

VIP Is NOT For Everyone

That is right. VIP may not be right for you. Certain people are a bad fit for VIP Dumpster Rental Austin. We are a friendly welcoming team. Over the years we have learned that some relationships can be a real drain on both us and the client. Our goal is to preempt risky relationships and help people get connected with companies who are a better fit for their style, habits, and needs.  Please allow us to save you some time and headache by sharing who specifically should avoid hiring VIP.

You will know VIP is NOT for you…

  • If you want us to do the labor of loading your debris into the dumpster. For liability and safety reasons our drivers are not allowed to move trash by hand or rearrange it in the dumpster. Most of our clients who need this junk removal labor will rent a container and get a few neighbors, friends, or day laborers to help load the container. They know that bins are a lot more bang-for-your-buck than hiring a junk removal company.
  • If you refuse to follow the rules on weight limit restrictions because it creates a expensive hassle for everyone. One of the drawbacks of our setup is that our equipment is built so that we have to handle things like 20-yards of concrete differently than some large companies. We can get the job done right, but we want to work with people who respect our boundaries.
  • If you load debris above the top of the dumpster wall height. Overfilled containers traveling on the highway can have trash fall out and injur other motorists.
  • If you want to keep a container without having it dumped for 30 days because it delays service for people who want to be new clients of VIP. We do offer an idle container program for contractors, but you must qualify.

The most important asset at VIP is our team and the company culture. We must do everything to protect our team from dangerous situations so that we can be cheerful and provide an excellent experience for all of our clients.


Frequently Asked  Dumpster Rental Questions

Find the short answer to VIP’s most frequently asked questions. The links to the full answers, tools, and resources related to each answer can be found on our Top 10 Best FAQ page here!

1. My dumpster rental is full, can I have my bin dumped and returned empty?

Most trash removal companies are responsive to requests to have a bin dumped and returned. Why? It’s because this dumpster service costs the same as the original bin cost. If you hired an unreliable dumpster service, and are on a short project timeline, you may run into trouble. We’ve heard horror stories of our competitors waiting 60 days to remove containers. Hire a company who guarantees service timelines.

2. Can I change dumpster service times to keep it longer, or remove it sooner?

Yes, often you can change bin serving times. Call your trash removal company at least 24-hours in advance to avoid confusion and industry standard dry-run fees. To keep your bin longer, be prepared to pay a daily rental rate. If you have time sensitive projects, hire a responsive waste management company. Hire a dumpster rental company focused on providing quick quotes and first class experiences.

3. Can I load the rolloff using a skid-steer?

Please DO NOT load the rolloff using motored machinery. Bins loaded with Bobcats often experience serious problems.

  1. Even skilled operators damage the roll off, which you are liable for repairing.
  2. Bins loaded with motored machines often pick up tons of dirt and other debris so heavy it renders the bin too heavy to lift or legally haul. You have to unload the garbage to an acceptable weight. That’s a costly mistake to fix.

4. What is your dumpster rental company doing to minimize environmental impact in Austin, Texas?

We like the term Conscious Capitalism coined by another Austin original, Whole Foods Market. We are actively involved with non-profits locally and worldwide. At home we provide in-kind donations of friendly dumpster services to churches and non-profits to help people who cannot help themselves. Worldwide we financially support teams creating sustainable food, farms, and clean water wells in developing communities. When possible we donate, reuse, and recycle materials.

5. How do I estimate the weight of trash material being placed in my rolloff container rental?

You can avoid overweight fees (and other headaches). Smart contractors “measure twice and cut once”. The same idea applies to loading your rolloff. One material that plays tricks on you is concrete. A 20-yard dumpsters with 2-yards of concrete is only 10% full, but likely 100% of your weight capacity. Know the weight before loading. Get our chart for weight of trash by material type, roofing estimates, and alternative solutions for heavy materials.

6. Can my Texas rubbish bin be placed on the street?

It depends on your municipality’s regulations, often requiring paying for a permit. Usually a efficient footprint roll-offs will fit on your private property and not require much space. Compact small dumpsters can fit in tight spaces like townhouses and downtown communities without parking. If you require your box to sit on the street, ask the city about a TURP (Temporary Use Right of Way Permit). They will need to have your bin verified and insured. For details on getting a TURP in Austin Texas visit our top 10 best FAQs page.

7. Can I use my rolloff dumpster for roofing shingles?

Due to recent Texas government regulations it is no longer cost effective for roofers to have laborers haul shingles to the dump in a trailer. More roofers are renting cans at economical prices. But before loading your bin rental full of asphalt shingles, be sure your trash removal company can legally haul the weight. If not, you may be stuck unloading the container, and having to redo the work. Use the helpful free tool for quickly and easily calculating which size dumpster you need according to your roof measurements, and in our top 10 best FAQ page.

8. What can you put in a roll-off? What hazardous waste is prohibited?

Most municipalities allow trash from: your yard, construction dumpsters, demolition, and regular household waste. However, there is a long list of prohibited items that cannot be accepted in a residential roll off rental without penalties. You must contact your local government’s hazardous waste recovery program.

Some hazardous waste items like Televisions, Tires, Freezers, Electronics and more can be accepted for an additional fee and require special loading so the item can be sorted out, avoid landfill charges, and go to the appropriate disposal facility.

9. How much space is required for rolloff bin delivery?

Most trash removal companies deliver using essentially a Semi truck. Their boxes are 22 feet long. If your driveway cannot fit two semi-trucks in front of each other, you have a problem. If you have trees, power-lines, or other low hanging obstructions, most waste management companies cannot safely deliver due to their lift system. It is also a no-go if your property has slopes or slants. Some rental companies have created slope-safe, space-efficient setups that allow for dumpster service almost anywhere. For more delivery requirement problem details and solutions see our Top 10 Best FAQ page.

10.  Can I put dirt, concrete, tile, brick, or other earthy materials in my dumpster rental?

Often materials like these are prohibited because they cause the bin to be too heavy to legally haul. Then you have the cost of removing the materials to a acceptable weight. And if you didn’t ask ahead about how to make it qualify as clean-fill waste recycling, then you have large extra weight fees for regular landfill disposal. Best idea: ask your trash removal company how to properly dispose of these materials and which size bin they recommend.

11. What if garbage extends above the dumpster wall height?

You must remove all materials extending above the heigh of the dumpster wall for your trash removal company to legally haul the steel boxes. If the bin is not ready to haul according to the driver’s opinion, then you are hit with several fees until you fix the problem. Overfilled garbage falls out on roads causing accidents, property damage, personal injury and even death. This is a five, six, or seven figure liability you have. For the rest of the story on how to avoid trash container rental problems read the full articles from our main FAQ page.

12. Will the roll off container scrape, fracture, or damage my driveway?

It depends on which trash removal company you hire. Most companies have equipment built for industrial uses, not fragile residential uses.  Plus, the measures taken by most companies who claim they won’t damage your property is inadequate.

Either they do nothing, or they ask you to spend big bucks on sheets of plywood for under the bin. A few companies specialize in effective driveway protection systems that are include in the flat rate cost of dumpster rental. Learn more about what to look for in our Top 10 Best FAQ section.

Get Full Access to the articles summarized in the FAQs above including helpful tools, formulas, and video tips to guarantee your successful and stress free container rental around Austin Texas.

Access the full Top 10 Best FAQ articles here!


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